Daddy Jack’s in Sundance Square

Daddy Jack's

I hate myself right now… Daddy Jack’s has been sitting on the corner of Throckmorton & 3rd for 18 years and although I knew it was there and have eaten there once or twice it just never registered with me what a treasure this place is. Seafood is one of my favorite things on earth....

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Joe T Garcia’s Mexican Dishes

Joe T Garcias

Donna and I love Joe T’s. There are HUNDREDS of Mexican food restaurants in North Texas and we have lots of favorites, but if we had to choose “our last meal” it would be at Joe T Garcia’s Mexican Dishes. Let me just get this out of the way… When you are wildly successful and...

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MELT Ice Creams

Melt Ice Cream in Fort Worth

1201 W Magnolia Ave #115, Fort Worth, TX 76104 MELT Ice Creams is a Fort Worth Treasure Fort Worth has a couple of iconic food destinations that will bring tourists to the door to line up for the experience. Neither one is a tourist trap, because anytime I go there I see everyone that I...

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Black Rooster Cafe

910 Houston Street, Fort Worth TX 76102 Black Rooster Makes Downtown into a Real Neighborhood If you live downtown as we do, you will often hear from neighbors that our neighborhood still lacks a few amenities. Being walking distance to so many terrific restaurants and bars is nice, but we’ve often heard that a grocery...

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Piranha Killer Sushi

Piranha Killer Sushi in Fort Worth

Our Favorite Sushi Bar is Piranha Killer Sushi I’ve noticed that sushi bars are a lot like Mexican restaurants in that each tends to have intensely loyal patrons who not only heap praises on their favorite place but cast aspersions on all of the others. I’m not really that way about either genre. I love...

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Shaw’s Patio Bar & Grill

Shaw's Patio on Magnolia Ave

Shaw’s Patio Bar & Grill is a Magnolia Avenue Icon 1051 W. Magnolia Avenue, Fort Worth TX 76104, 817-926-2116 We’re so happy that everyone has found Magnolia Avenue and made it one of the top dining destinations in the city, but it was not always so. For many years Magnolia Avenue restaurants were largely dependent...

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