Melissa Houston

Melissa Houston


My name is Melissa Houston. I live in Burleson with my husband and kiddos. We recently were blessed enough to get to build a house on the property that my husband’s grandparents bought, and still live on, over 50 years ago! What a fun journey it is!

I have been a business owner for 26 years! I grew up with a family full of entrepreneurs. Some are builders, developers, interior designers, and several more that get to do what they love and call it “work”….or is it the other way around? Either way, my work is certainly something I love. 

I love meeting new people and getting to know what it is that they want….and ultimately helping them attain it. I’ve always been drawn to the more creative aspect of anything I do.

In real estate, the creative side of me has been particularly helpful when it comes to marketing. And when dealing with various real estate transactions. It’s my passion to find new and innovative ways to make things happen!

One thing is for sure… you can be confident that I will work HARD for you!

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