Jennifer Roach

Jennifer Roach


Jennifer Roach joined the real estate industry 14 years ago in a top office in the North Texas and South Texas Areas, and quickly discovered a passion for real estate sales, accountability and leadership role development. She is experienced in all phases of real estate and small business operations; and enjoyed a year as the Lead Financial Manager of multiple locations, developing their leadership, awareness and time management skills within each office.

Jennifer also had the pleasure of working for a key financial division of the international headquarters, in addition to achieving CFO Coaching and National Approved Trainer Certifications. She has been a certified COO and CFO since 2006 and was recognized as an inaugural inductee to the Hall of Fame of her previous organization in 2010. Jennifer’s passion for training is evident as she continues to raise the bar for herself by coaching, supporting multiple clients and contributing to systems that produce long-term solutions. She joined the John Maxwell Coaching Team in December of 2015.

Utilizing the knowledge and skills developed during her business career, Jennifer continues to pursue her goals of real estate sales, training and consulting clients in many avenues business and living their best life each day. She attributes her success to her belief that a positive approach and collaboration of ideas can overcome any obstacle, and she loves working with her clients to celebrate their successes.

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