NEW-Just Looking Program

Our “Just Looking” program can get you insider access to unlisted and pre-market homes BEFORE they hit the open market.

Best of all, you’ll continuously get homes that match EXACTLY what you are looking for WITHOUT getting calls from salespeople – or pouring over Zillow and like a crazy person. LOL 

Simply spend 5 minutes on a phone call with us to tell us the type of home you want, price point, and your desired areas, then our marketing team finds sellers who are willing to sell, but are not yet on the public marketTotally Free of Charge!
  Properties are then sent to you and you won’t be bothered by salespeople. You just let us know if you see one you’d like to take a look at and we do the rest!
Call now to get set up!

This new “JUST LOOKING” program has helped clients bypass the crazy madness of this market and keeps many buyers from settling for a house they can make do with.  Remember we want you to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE! 

You probably have questions – so just call or text me or complete the CONTACT form below and we will get back to you promptly.