Keller Local Business Spotlight – Wendy Ezell, PLLC

I visited with local Keller CPA business owner, Wendy Ezell, PLLC to learn more about her business.

Wendy is a wealth of information on tax topics, accounting and more. With more than 17 years experience Wendy shared that her firm not only provides your typical accounting services but they provide a more holistic approach by looking at the overall picture and needs of each client with a complete financial overview in mind.  She offices with both an attorney and financial planner to bring a full spectrum of services.  (Ray Griffith – Granite Financial Group and  David Routzon -Routzon Law Firm, PLLC)

Wendy Ezell, PLLC & Lisa Creed

I visited with local Keller business owner, Wendy Ezell, PLLC to learn more about Keller CPA business.

Some of the accounting services you may not be as familiar with and hopefully never need (lol) are Tax Audit Defense Services.

Wendy shares not only what to do if you owe back taxes but also how to handle an audit.  “We can do the prep work for the audit so that everything requested is complete and put together in the order that the IRS wants.  We can also hold the audit in our offices which provides a professional and less threatening environment.”

“We know dealing with the IRS can be really scary and stressful so we work hard to make it as easy as we can from the very first meeting.”

I asked Wendy to share on several topics in my video interview including how her firm prepares taxes, the new tax changes coming and what sets her firm apart from others – so be sure to watch this insightful interview.

I learned a lot just interviewing her and could see right away what a great value to have someone who is so dedicated and familiar with tax laws and taxpayer’s rights.  Wendy told me that she has actually read all 1400 pages of the new tax code!

Wendy Ezell, PLLC

Wendy Ezell on Facebook

In addition to being an awesome CPA in Keller, Wendy is an excellent public speaker and has been a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider (elp) for many years.

Check out more valuable updates, tips and information by visiting and liking her Facebook page   Wendy also recommends visiting for multiple resources and information.

To learn more or schedule a consultation with this knowledgeable and professional Keller CPA, call Wendy Ezell directly at 817-562-2700.

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