Are You Truly Building Your Own Business?

Fort Worth Texas Real EstateReal estate agents build a successful business upon a value proposition that delivers results for their client. Day in and day out great agents are working diligently in North Texas to achieve the goals set by their first time home buyers, investors, and repeat clients. As a full-time agent you recognize that keeping a pipeline of business is paramount to your success. Achieving great outcomes for your clients is the key.

Some agents go from one brokerage to another looking for the perfect fit, a “ground floor opportunity” or technology tools that will deliver results. Each time they transfer their license they disrupt the flow of their growing pipeline, create uncertainty among clients about the value of their “brand”, and lose the accumulated work product of their online credibility.

If your current sponsoring arrangement is productive then you should stay with what’s working. Loyalty is a tremendous trait and when a brokerage truly works for their agents, supports their growth, and celebrates their success then loyalty is absolutely the correct response.

“My Brokerage Supports Me with the Value of a Trusted Brand”

Fair statement… in 1980. Today consumers generally do not choose their agent by the brand they represent. The primary sources of business for real estate agents today are their sphere of influence, past clients, paid internet leads, & geographic farming – in that order. Broker provided leads are largely a thing of the past. Large franchise brokerages often devalue the reputation of their brand by recruiting large numbers of novice or part-time agents whose performance may sometimes negatively affect the public perception of the sponsoring agency. How can you build your real estate brand under the same banner with 300 other agents in your brokerage? It’s possible, but difficult to say the least.


Fort Worth Texas Real Estate is our company name for several great reasons.

  • The name specifically describes what our agents do. We sell real estate in and around the Fort Worth area.
  • The public does not perceive our company name as a brand. The agent whose name appears above our name in marketing and signage IS THE BRAND.
  • In today’s market “local” is a badge of honor. Consumers are searching for the best local brew pubs, coffee houses, flower shops, and markets. The authenticity of the local brand is a difficult sell for national franchised real estate companies.

Brokerage Meeting at Capital Grille

Everything we do at FWTRE is built upon the premise that each agent has their own distinct business, with their own specific areas of specialization, and their own sphere of influence. We support each individual agent and provide every agent with tools and technology that are not tied to the sponsoring broker’s marketing platform. Our agents do not pay the costs of brick & mortar, franchise fees, E&O insurance, office copiers, admins or other unnecessary overhead. More importantly, there are no desk fees or charges for any technology.

Each agent at FWTRE receives a state-of the art CRM, wordpress website with integrated IDX, and basic web design and consultation provided by our in-house internet and digital marketing consultant. Unlike any other brokerage we know, our agent websites are not multi-sites or subsites of the brokerage site. Agents here may pack up and leave at any time and take their company provided website & CRM with them. This is important. Ask any agent who has changed brokerages if the process was smooth. Most often they have to begin from scratch, building their new website from the ground up and rebuilding their client database on a new CRM platform. Lots of things fall through the cracks. Our brokerage concept seeks to be the home you will never want to leave, but if we ever part ways you can take ALL of your stuff with you.

Why Would You Ever Want to Leave FWTRE?

We certainly hope you won’t, but great people often choose to make career moves, so every day we treat you like you may leave tomorrow AND we treat you like we want you to stay. We offer low transaction fees and 100% commission to our agents. We also offer unsurpassed technology tools, and the support and guidance of an experienced broker along with an encouraging team of fellow agents. Building your own business is a scary but exciting endeavor. Most agents try to keep one leg on the dock and have difficulty jumping into the boat. The national franchise brokerages are the dock, we are the boat.

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